dimanche 6 janvier 2013

Matthew Young - Traveler's advisory (1986)

I fell in love with the hammered dulcimer. Since I also play the banjo, I decided to explore my interest in folk and blues, with electronics accompanying and filling in for other traditional instruments.

 Random track notes: Objects in Mirror quotes selectively (but verbatim) from my old Toyota car manual. The version of Kyrie uses of tape delay to get a good rhythm going on a old plainchant. Werewolf : Michael Hurley has written some of the best and most eccentric songs of the last 50 years. Dummy Line is a traditional cautionary song my father used to sing. I always found the words much darker than the tune – it's a song about foolishness resulting in death – so I gave them my own musical setting. None Born Wise is my attempt at a composition for the santoor, the Indian version of the hammered dulcimer.

I hope this helps.

P.-S. Chef-d'œuvre à domicile, compositions intimes, sentiments dans le plexus, cristal hypnotique, rêves récurrents, voyageur consultatif. Je suis tombé amoureux du dulcimer martelé. Depuis je joue aussi du banjo. Voilà pour la musique.

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